MLX Orlando 2017: May 4th-6th 2017

May 4-6 2017 | Orlando, FL

$179 for DCs | $79 for CAs
Children under 18 and chiropractic students are free.

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MLX is a principle-driven chiropractic seminar that's open to all chiropractors and students. With world-class speakers from across the profession and industry-leaders hosting specialized training sessions - there's so much to learn and only 3 days to take it all in.


Roberto Monaco

Human Relations & Public Speaking Expert
2:00-6:00pm Thursday May 4th

Billy DeMoss, DC.

Founder of Cal Jam
3:45-4:30pm Saturday May 6th

Cliff Hardick, DC.

Executive Chair of Maximized Living
4:30-6:00pm Saturday May 6th

On Friday from 4pm-6pm, we will join the family and friends of Dr. Charles Majors to pay tribute to his life and carry on the message of one of the most impactful doctors the industry has ever known.

MLX 2017 Speaker Video Library

Dr. Kory Wahl - The Best Story I Know

Dr. Kory Wahl at MLX Houston 2017 shares the best story he knows, and encourages chiropractors everywhere to be confident to save lives while letting innate run the show.

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Dr. Dan Moss - Why We Do What We Do

Dr. Dan Moss at MLX Houston 2017 shares a touching story of how he adjusted a newborn baby, and watched a miracle happen.

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Dr. Blake Livingood: Why fix what isn't broken?

Dr. Blake Livingood asks a simple question... if your body doesn't harm itself, why are we fixing what isn't broken?

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