Roberto Monaco

Professional Speaker
2:00pm-6:00pm Thursday May 4th

Roberto Monaco arrived in America in 1995 with no money, no connections, no friends, and more importantly, with no English. Armed with a relentless desire to achieve his goals and dreams, Roberto started a quest for role models, resources and strategies that could help him become more successful in life. He has trained with the best success coaches in America, obtained advanced training such as an MBA in Marketing, Master Practitioner of NLP and Hypnosis, and most importantly, during the process he has discovered his life’s purpose: to empower people to become the best version of themselves.

Billy DeMoss, DC.

Founder of Cal Jam
3:45pm-4:30pm Saturday May 6th

An energetic and charismatic speaker with a hardcore heavy metal attitude, Billy D, has gained international notoriety for hosting the world’s largest chiropractic party, California Jam; the chiropractic festival of philosophy, rock n roll and inspiration. He also started a philosophy group called the Dead Chiropractic Society to perpetuate the principles, history and philosophy of chiropractic. Based in Newport Beach, California, Billy D’s business savvy combined with his significant contributions to the advancement of the chiropractic profession worldwide has earned him the title of ‘West Coast Chiropractor of the Year, 2010.’ Outside of running one the most successful practices in Orange County, he is also known for his no holds barred approach to telling it as it is, particularity when it comes to promoting an inside out approach to health and wellness.

Cliff Hardick, DC.

Executive Chair of Maximized Living
4:30pm-6:00pm Saturday May 6th

Dr. Cliff Hardick has been in private chiropractic practice for nearly 50 years. The Executive Chair of Maximized Living since 2017, chairing the organization's Board of Managers, Dr. Hardick is best known for his years of inspiring messages delivered on college campuses and to audiences at Parker, DE, and ICA conventions. A 1969 graduate of Logan College of Chiropractic, Dr. Hardick has served as President of the College of Chiropractors of Ontario in the years 2015 through 2017. In his earlier years, Dr. Hardick studied under prominent technique developers including Drs. Gonstead, Cox, and Fuhr. Today, he shares his years of wisdom with chiropractic enthusiasts across the globe, with a vision for ensuring that the founding principles of chiropractic will be carried on for generations. Dr. Hardick was voted Canada’s Chiropractor of the Year in 1993 and continues to serve patients in London, Ontario, in the clinic he founded.


Joel Bohemier, DC.

Naples, FL

Raised in a holistic family, Dr Joel Bohemier is passionate about natural health care. One of 46 chiropractors in his family he lives by and teaches the principles of honoring the innate wisdom of the body. Whether it's organic foods, green living or creating a healthy resilient body, mind and spirit, Dr Bohemier is often invited to share his views about these topics. He also serves as an advisory board member for, the world's most widely referenced natural health database. Dr. Bohemier received his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Manitoba in 1996, and his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life University in 2000. He has practiced in Italy, Canada and currently maintains a private practice in Naples, Fl.. Dr. Bohemier is also the Director of Coaching for Maximized Living and trains doctors to open Maximized Living Health Centers.

Nickolas Wilson, DC.

Indianapolis, IN

Dr. Nickolas Wilson is a popular talk radio show host, has built one of the largest natural health centers in the Midwest, and travels all over the country teaching and educating people on how to gain victory over disease and take control of their health. He is dedicated to providing the best chiropractic care at his clinic, Indy Family Chiropractic, and was voted Top Chiropractor in the city of Indianapolis in 2016.

James Judge, DC.

St Charles, IL

Dr. James’ love for Chiropractic began from the influence of what he says is his greatest mentor, his Grandfather. This tradition began in 1923, when the first in his family, James Bernard Judge, graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport Iowa. In 2007, Dr. James made his mark on this tradition and earned his license from Palmer College, making him the 28th family member to make an impact on this inspiring Chiropractic practice. In 2010, his sister, Dr. Kalie Judge, followed suit and brought the family’s total to 32, making it the largest chiropractic family in the United States. His main purpose as a Chiropractor is to prevent suffering caused by unnecessary degenerative disease through the vehicle of Maximized Living. His vision is to change the health of the community through the application of The 5 Essentials. Judge Family Chiropractic has become one of the fastest growing Chiropractic offices in the History of the profession, and Dr. Judge’s unmatched passion for serving and helping people has been a catalyst for his early success.

BJ Hardick, DC.

London, ON

Named after the Developer of Chiropractic, Dr. B.J. Hardick is a second-generation chiropractor and a 2001 graduate of Life University. Having studied alongside many celebrated leaders in chiropractic, and addressing chiropractic conventions across North America and Europe, Dr. Hardick has now served the chiropractic profession for 25 years. Practicing in London, Ontario, Dr. Hardick serves patients in the facility originally established by his father in 1971. He now runs one of the largest chiropractic practices in the country, and extends his message through his own public seminars in which he teaches the principles for living which he has championed his entire life. Dr. Hardick is the co-author of the best-selling Maximized Living Nutrition Plans, a contributing author for The Cancer Killers – The Cause is the Cure, and serves on the advisory board for

Sarah Losby, DC.

Columbia, SC

Dr. Sarah Losby is committed to seeing Columbia reach its full health potential. By applying The 5 Essentials of health to her patients, and operating within the principle that the human body was created for health, she has built one of the largest female owned and operated clinics in the US. The patients in her family-focused practice experience amazing health results from getting out of pain, reversing disease processes, losing weight, and becoming healthy enough to no longer need medication. Dr. Losby is passionate about taking care of full families and lots of kids! She is a sought after speaker in the community and is regularly asked to speak at churches, corporations, community groups, and the military. She also travels nationally to speak at chiropractic colleges.

April Smith, DC.

Los Angeles, CA

Dr. April Smith graduated as valedictorian with her Doctor of Chiropractor degree from Life University. She spent two years training in Charlotte, NC at Family Healing Chiropractic, before moving her whole life across the country to open the first non-profit Maximized Living Foundation office in the states at The Dream Center in Los Angeles, CA. Her goal is to help stop unnecessary human suffering through The 5 Essentials.


Greg Loman, DC.

Naples, FL

Dr. Loman is the epitome of “tough love,” and takes a no nonsense approach when it comes to the telling families about the importance of The 5 Essentials. He is a regular contributor to Maximized Living Magazine. Dr. Loman graduated from Life University in 1990 and opened his first clinic in 1991.. Dr. Loman took to the airwaves to cement his role as the go-to health leader in his community, hosting the popular “Ultimate Health” show on both TV and radio until 1999. And in that same time, he took his profession to the world stage by winning the world and national offshore powerboat racing titles as captain of “Team Chiropractic.” My own children have been adjusted since birth but I didn’t make it to first chiropractor until age 12, when I had full-blown scoliosis, and was two weeks away from a dangerous surgery to correct my spine. After I met the chiropractor that changed my life, I no longer needed that surgery, and I have not had a drug in my system since I was 12. I am now 50 years old!

Sonya Young, DC.

Wilmington, NC

Dr. Sonya Young has been in full time chiropractic practice for 26 years. She is certified in pediatric sports council and spinal correction. She has a heart for student doctors and understands what it takes to prepare for success in business and practice by the time they graduate. Her favorite thing to do is help students find their purpose and build their confidence to be a great leader in the profession. She has coached hundreds if not thousands of chiropractors around the world for past 20 years and has opened multiple practices for new chiropractic graduates. She is an advocate for saving our profession and true chiropractic!

Greg Barnes, DC.

Raleigh, NC

Dr. Greg Barnes is a certified Maximized Living Chiropractor serving the North Raleigh Area as well as the surrounding areas of Wake Forest, Rolesville and Knightdale. His mission is to lead families to a higher level of health through the five essentials of Maximized Living. Upon graduating from Life University in 2009, he had the opportunity to intern in one the largest wellness clinics in the world located in Houston, TX. He worked along side former Mr. America, Dr. Chris Zaino, where he had the privilege of working with hundreds of patients every week. He then went on to work in a very busy, family based wellness clinic in Murfreesboro, TN with Dr. Peter Camiolo. Dr. Barnes was accepted in a post graduate training program ran by Maximized Living Co-Founder, Dr. Greg Loman. This training center, located in Naples, FL, is the largest of it's kind and only accepts the top chiropractors in the country. Dr. Barnes is certified in Essentials 2 & 3, spinal correction and nutrition. Four to six times per year, Dr. Barnes attends training seminars to make sure he is delivering the highest quality of care to his patients. He has a passion for speaking to groups, clubs, churches and businesses about the five essentials of Maximized Living and is available to speak upon request. Helping him run the office is his wife, Jani. Jani is the office manager and 5 Essential CA.

Erin Zovath, DC.

Jacksonville, FL

Growing up constantly sick, I was under the impression that was just normal for me and I’d have to accept it. I spent many years battling allergies, asthma, recurring strep infections and bronchitis, and even had immune compromised conditions in high school, including shingles and alopecia. Competing nationally in dance, it was difficult to get through the long practices and performances with trouble breathing. Asthma is usually something they say you grow out of, yet mine continued to escalate into college. While preparing for nationals, it got to the point that I was unable to get through a routine without having an asthma attack or uncontrollable coughing. I was put on steroids to try to control my asthma that made my already compromised immune system worse. It was a hopeless feeling to not have control of your health, especially at such a young age. I knew something wasn’t right, but my constant concern about why my health was deteriorating led to me being prescribed anxiety medication. I know this is going to sound strange, but pain was a blessing to me. I injured my hip during a dance rehearsal and thankfully was told to go see a chiropractor to get rid of my hip pain. I started getting adjusted and found out I had a reversed curve in my neck. With regular adjustments and applying the essentials of Maximized Living, I was able to regain my health, get off all my medications and allow my body to finally start functioning the way it is supposed to. I finally had hope and felt I had to share that with others. I decided to become a chiropractor so I could have the opportunity to empower and encourage others to regain their health, to reach their full potential in life, and not be held back by a diagnosis. My mission is to help every person I meet to fulfill the life they were called to and help to inspire people to live a life of health rather than sickness. The movement of Maximized Living is striving to change the way people view and manage their health through the delivery of 5 essentials of health. My husband and I are grateful to be in Jacksonville with our son, Jude, and look forward to helping every person and family we meet to achieve his or her highest potential of health.

Mark Wolfman, DC.

Grandville, MI

Dr. Mark Wolfman is a leader in a global network of doctors at the forefront of healthcare. He serves on the USA Sports Performance Council for various Olympic teams. He has received advanced certifications in spinal correction, nutrition, fitness, pediatrics, and pregnancy care. In addition to running a rapidly growing health center locally, Dr. Mark’s heart is for serving people throughout the community. He donates his time to help churches incorporate comprehensive wellness programs, teaching them God’s laws of health and healing. He has delivered these programs to corporations, schools, sports teams, and organizations as well. Dr. Mark found his passion for Chiropractic during his studies in neuroscience at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, which prompted him to ask the tough questions about health and how the human body works. While exploring options in healthcare, the principles of Maximized Living stood out from the rest: to find the cause of health problems, remove the interference, and maximize potential. Dr. Mark attended Life University Chiropractic School in Atlanta, GA, and graduated with honors. Since then he has had the privilege of working alongside some of the most distinguished and renowned chiropractors in North America, including training in the largest pediatric practice in the Southeast. Dr. Mark is a husband to Janelle and father to Kara and Daniel. He enjoys golfing, outdoors, CrossFit, and football Saturdays in Ann Arbor, and he and Janelle are actively involved in their church.


Mary Quense

Los Angeles, CA

Mary T. Quense has now been a CA, Office manager with Maximized Living for the past 7 years. She is currently working at the Maximized Living Foundation Health Center at the Dream Center in Los Angeles, California. Before she moved out to California a year ago to help run the clinic there, she spent the previous five and a half years as office manager at a MLHC Clinic in Murfreesboro, TN. In 2014 & 2016 Mary was awarded the "CA Leadership award" due to her passion and work in helping change her communities. Some of her current passions other than running the day to day operations in the clinic are teaching the Max T3 classes to the women in the rehab program multiple times a week and helping oversee the Maximized Living Foundation, Ray of Hope salad bar in the Dream Center diner. Most recently Mary has joined the Maximized Living CA Coaching team. Her passions have always been to see people live to their fullest God given potential and looks forward to a continued future and journey of doing that alongside Maximized Living.

Janelle Wolfman

Grand Rapids, MI

Janelle has worked in a Maximized Living Health Center since 2012. Janelle, and her husband Dr. Mark Wolfman, have successfully grown their clinic in Grand Rapids, MI, where she helped launch, grow and manage the ins and outs of the clinic with great success. She is passionate about empowering CA’s so they can successfully manage patient care, support their doctor and provide a high quality experience to anyone that walks into their doors.

Janelle Lester


Maximized Living has been a part of Janelle's life for over 12 years now. She started out as a patient of Dr. Erik Lerner in Florida and then became one of his key team members, where she sat in every role possible. She recently moved to Minnesota and currently works with Dr. Evan Eigen. Janelle is extremely excited to be part of this new program and can’t wait to help others reach their goals.

Kari Penner

Winnipeg, Canada

Kari is a professional life coach, former pastor, and counselor who works at Cornerstone Family Chiropractic in Winnipeg, Canada. She has spent most of the past decade studying Wellness, Nutrition and Toxicity. She has also been an office manager and CA with Maximized Living since 2007. She is extremely passionate about seeing people transform their lives by implementing The 5 Essentials.

Apryl Flamer-Harris

Charlotte, NC

Apryl has been a part of Maximized Living for the last 9 years. She works in Dr. Marc Surprenant’s clinic in Charlotte, NC and has held a variety of different roles within that office. She considers herself to be a CA enthusiast who wants to do everything she can to help other CA’s experience fulfillment and success within their roles.

Angela Zitto

Naples, Florida

Angela has been with Maximized Living since the very beginning. She was Dr. Greg Loman’s Chiropractic Assistant for 21 years and Dr. Joel Bohemier's for 5 years. She has developed and conducted countless training materials for CA’s and has a real passion for helping others grow professionally and personally. She currently teaches at our centralized training center in Naples, Florida.