MLX - 3 Day Chiropractic Seminar Driven By The Principle of Chiropractic


Your CAs and Team Members are invited to join you to MLX!

The CA coaching team at Maximized Living has over 60 years of combined experience, so bring the whole team to MLX to learn from some of the best in the profession. Below is a little more about what MLX has in store for your entire team!

Friday Morning and Afternoon CA Session: Communicating the Principle (this session is for ALL CA’s)

Hosted by: Angela Zitto, Mary Quense, and Kimberly Roberto
Friday morning and afternoon CA training will help align your team with the principle of chiropractic and make sure they “get” who you are and what you are trying to accomplish in your office and community. With over 40 years of combined experience as a CA; Angela, Mary, and Kim will teach your team how to communicate the principle with high value to every patient every single visit so that people leave your office wanting to come back and saying, “This office is extraordinary!” Your team will go back on Monday having mastered one of the most critical communication points in a chiropractic office – certainty in handling patient objections. They will become your front line of defense answering questions and overcoming objections before they ever get to you which will give you more time to do what you do, adjust and remove subluxations.

Saturday Morning Office Manager and Clinic Director Session: Hiring & Training Your Dream Team
Hosted by: Janelle Wolfman and Kari Penner
Do you struggle with employee retention and have a desire for employee longevity? Building and nurturing a successful team is one of the most important things you can do to attain a successful chiropractic clinic. On Saturday morning, our office manager and clinic director session will focus on starting from the top. The chiropractic team has the power to make or break your practice. Kari and Janelle will teach the leader of your team how to develop your CA’s and help them become your clinic’s most valuable asset. Throughout this session office managers and clinic directors will not only learn how to find the right person, but also how to train and optimize the entire team for success!

Saturday Morning Session for New CA’s and First Time Attendees
Hosted by: Angela Zitto
All new hire and/or first time attendee CA’s will join Angela Zitto on Saturday morning to learn why, how, and what it is that you do as a principled chiropractor. Angela will cover many of the overlooked aspects of chiropractic often glossed over when it comes to teaching and training new team members. Your new team members will leave with a full understanding of what subluxation is, how it affects the body, and the amazing power of an adjustment. They will be fully infused with the principle of chiropractic and ready to better serve your patients come Monday. What better place to catapult rapid growth for your new team members than in a training session with a veteran of over 23 years?

Saturday Morning CA Session*: Creating an Internally Driven Practice – New Patients from the Inside Out
Hosted by: Janelle Lester and Apryl Flamer-Harris
Is your team stressed out by the amount of hours they put in and the lack of results they have to show for it? By creating an internally driven practice, your team will discover how to get more new patients with less stress and less work! Throughout this session, Janelle and Apryl will focus on internal growth and retention helping your team avoid the burnout that many chiropractic offices experience. Retention and patient referrals are a key component to steady structured growth. Your team will leave this session prepared to help patients understand who you are, what you do, and how you can help people in your community. As a result, your clinic will gain momentum and experience growth from the inside out through improved retention and increased patient referrals.

*New CA’s, first time attendees, clinic directors and office managers will attend a different session during this time. All other CA’s will attend this session.